Monday, 3 May 2010


Found this book at a second hand shop in Brighton the other day, and like a total student, I bought it. What light could it cast on the mid 90s?

Edmonds...Lumley...Brad from Neighbours...yes please

NB Apologies for crap photography, don't have a scanner

Sharon and Tracey from Birds of A Feather make the contents page. No sign of Dorian.

Article titled "The laughter makers", featuring Jasper Carrott and Robert Powell as "The Detectives" (sub sub sub Police Squad style spoof), Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse as Smashey and Nicey (weaker characters but fondly remember when Enfield was king of the playground catchphrase in the 90s)and Mr Bean, of course.

More laughter makers - Brian Conley, Jo Brand (she's eating a big bar of chocolate, hilarious)and a very young looking Michael Barrymore. Coming out, the dead butcher in his pool, Celebrity Big Brother - it was all still to come. Would Michael have looked quite so pleased if he'd seen his own future? We'll never know - or care.

Noel Edmonds, of "death obeying stunts" fame. Still a massively annoying bearded egotist, but at least he isn't talking about cosmic ordering.

Interview with Noel's co-star Mr Blobby, who to be fair had his moments.

Workout with Mr Motivator and his GMTV weathergirl sidekick (no, me neither). I'm genuinely not sure if she passed for hot in 1995, but suspect that somehow she did, in her grotesque outfit. Indeed, i probably wanked off over her at some point.

Not sure if TV Times are trying to play up or wind down any kind of sexual chemistry angle here. Motivator is the muscly black man of middle England's worst nightmares, but then it's hard to feel too threatened by the raw libido of a man in glasses and a bumbag. But then, he is pointing right at her vagina there.

Also, why does his cap say "BAD ATTITUDE"? In what way? How is showing housewives how to keep fit in a non threatening camp way any indicator of a bad attitude? Classic 90s behaviour.

PS I bet none of these exercises remotely work.

Dan Falzon who played hunky Ric Alessi in mid-90s neighbours. He was once mauled by a lion on a photoshoot.

CONCLUSION: Mid 90s TV looked both really banal and eerily similar.

Most of these people are still regulars on our TV, and I even heard rumours of Birds of a Feather being brought back.

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