Monday, 3 May 2010


This is a new, occasional niche blog dedicated to the 1990s, a decade that already seems to have become part of the 80s in our amorphous collective memories.

This blog will not feature important events of the decade like New Labour, the death of Diana or the first Iraq war, but rather stuff like Lovejoy, Saved by the Bell, Hyacinth Bucket, Northern Uproar and Broken Arrow. Ok, not Broken Arrow...

My reasoning is that we're so obsessed with the 80s - music, fashion, films etc, that even though the 90s revival is long overdue, we're just having another 80s one again. And as a friend observed, slowly everything just becomes 80s in your mind - even up to about 1997.

Not much really did happen in the 90s, there was no 9/11 moment. But that's a good thing! There was still some great music, film and TV, and lots of dubious guilty pleasures of one sort or another to remember. And a lot of shit to mock as well, from an era that already looks very innocent, pre-Big Brother and the proper explosion of the internet.

The idea is that the blog will have lots of writers so if you want to talk about anything in pop culture between 1990 and 99, let me know.

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